Come to Willamette Park in West Linn September 8-9

Enjoy the end of summer at Willamette Park in West Linn Septemebr 8-9. Music, art, fun. Come see me in booth E15!



Hello everyone.  Sunriver was very successful and A LOT of fun.  I forgot to take the promised picture of me and my packing job in the little Corolla.  Someone referred to it as a Tetris game.  All pieces had to go in the car in the exact order or it wouldn’t work.  Much easier to pack on the way home with empty containers!!  Many positive reactions to my work.  I love talking with the public.  There were those who loved bright colors as I do and there there were those who liked my pieces but said, “But I don’t have any (fill in the blank with any color) in my house”.  In the box people and out of the box.  All fun.

The Sunriver Women’s Club pulled out ALL the stops.  They treated us VERY well and made the stay so much greater.  One of the members (Jojo) even housed me in her beautiful home by the river.  She is a GREAT lady as well.

Wonderful musical entertainment all 3 days.  I especially want to plug Summit Express Jazz Band. WOW.I was fortunate to have a clear view of the band stand and I think I had the best shade as well.  I want space 60 next year!

Now I am home, car has been unpacked and I Imagewill get ready for the upcoming West Linn Arts Festival September 8th and 9th in Willamette Park.  There will be 100 artists, live music and refreshments.