Greetings to all as the new year begins

Hello my fellow blog followers.  I am always happy when the days start getting longer.  This week we have even had some sun!

I have started getting my schedule ready for this year.  I will let you all know when things are finalized.

I am getting the rest of me organized as well.  I have been going to Curves since last March.  I have to admit I have not always been consistent, but I sure notice how much better I feel when I take the time to go at least 3 times a week.  The body is not as forgiving after 60!

I just finished reading a book on the life of Martin Luther, the catalyst for The Reformation.  Amazing man, by all accounts he should have been assassinated by SO many.  All you lapsed Catholics out there should look into the Lutheran faith.  If you live in the Oregon City area, I would STRONGLY recommend the church we were blessed to discover, Prince of Life Lutheran Church.  You will not be disappointed.  Read about Martin Luther.  I bet you will find his issues with the Catholic church are your issues.

Life is precious. enjoy every day.  Peace, CarolImage

My new booth shot.  Turned the living room into a shop!


Post holiday excitement


I am so excited over the new year.  I am starting to line up my shows for this year.  Oregon City, Beavercreek, Sunriver, Bend, Gresham, etc, etc

I have had one commissioned work already.  Understand, I am VERY flexible with commissioned work.  I am also considering a class in into to fused glass 101 in the spring.  Let me know if you are interestedImage