A new year and new beginnings

Winter here in western Oregon has been beautiful!  Cold nights and sunny days.  This has been a great time to explore new and fresh directions in glass.  The shop is organized and ready.  I am looking at shows I want to participate in this year.  The process takes awhile as I apply to shows that need to jury my work so after I have sent in my applications, I will not know for several months if I am “in or out”.  So far, I have taken the pictures of my art pieces.  Glass is difficult to photograph and I have spent a long time trying to get my pictures right.  I will keep you up to date on my shows.  Peace.

The piece is called “Confused Butterfly”


Always learning

The holidays were crazy busy and great.  Enjoyed seeing the whole family. 

Have had some gatherings with TRAG artists to discuss the best shows for 2014.  I am getting things together.  This year will be a year for more growth and artistic exploration.  I am excited!!!

I will be blogging about my adventures in creativity.  Follow along, it will be quite a ride!!