First City Celebration in Oregon City this Saturday

The Gresham Arts Festival was FUN as it always is.  Lots of people, lots of music, lots of art interest.  I had a great time and people liked, and bought, my glass.  It always makes me happy when others relate to my work.


Cherie M was the winner of the blue dish!  I will have a drawing for another piece at The First City Celebration in Oregon City this Saturday, July 26 11 AM- 7 PM.  Music and partying will continue until 9PM, so why not come and see the artists early, have dinner on Main Street and stay for the music?





I am who I am because of all my life experiences, but…I wonder how I would have turned out had I always lived in the Portland area? (disclaimer: I live in the suburbs outside of Portland, but you get the idea)

For 4 days, since 1987, Portland puts on an amazing blues festival. It always includes the 4th of July and always includes great entertainment. This year was no exception, the weather was hot and the music hotter. Thousands of people travel from near and far to enjoy the festival, held on the waterfront, next to the Willamette River. There are two things that are wonderful, apart from what I have already said. The first is, all the proceeds go to the Oregon Food Bank (raised over 1 million dollars this year). The second is the people. We had seats on bleachers this year that afforded us a panoramic view of the public coming and going. It was an enlightening view for me. I grew up in an area where looks, style and money categorized who you were. It took me many years into adulthood to accept myself for who I am. Seeing all those people at the festival, every age, size, shape, color, with every type of clothing imaginable, opened my eyes more clearly to the understanding that we ALL are normal. Would I have had less angst had I always lived around Portland? How would that have changed who I am now?


Today I visited ReRack (, a company that buys and sells new and used roof racks. I travel to art sales in my little Toyota Corolla and packing it has always been a challenge. Hopefully the rack will hold the canopies and other display items so I can fill the car with more art! While I waited for the installation, I took advantage of the time and went for a walk. ReRack is off Sandy in NE Portland and I hadn’t explored that area before. I found a lovely park, where street folks dozed on the grass as moms and kids had fun on the play structures. I continued my walk and came across a car with an apple/fish (?) on top. . Look up the site, enlightening and entertaining. Looks like there is a fleet (school?) of these. I was the only one looking at this car…Portland.

Continuing with my walk, I came across a mattress store, locally owned, locally made and they deliver…by bicycle. Portlandia did not make this up,




Just before my car was ready (Remember the car rack?), I saw a large building with banner that said “Hatch”Their site describes : ”Hatch is a space for visionaries and realists who are working for a better world. It’s a place where local and social entrepreneurs can imagine, launch and scale enterprises that improve communities.” Brand new, plans to start on-line workshops as well.
OK, so would growing up in Portland have changed who I am now? Probably, but after all these years, I like how I turned out.

Don’t forget Gresham Art Walk this Saturday and Oregon City First City Celebration the following Saturday. Both will be a LOT of fun, with a lot of NORMAL people.


Hay Bales!!!!

Aaron is here, haying the fields.  I love this time of year: the sound of the baler, the thud of the bales as they fall to the ground, the local farmers loading their pick-ups with the fresh hay.  Yesterday there were vultures, hawks and osprey all looking for food in the freshly cut fields.  It’s times like this that make me glad I live in the country.


I have been working daily on my glass, preparing for the upcoming 5 weekends of shows.

Gresham Arts Festival Saturday July 19 9 AM-5 PM

Oregon City First City Celebration Saturday July 26 11 AM- 7PM

Art Burst Northwest at Marylhurst University Saturday August 2 10 AM-6 PM,

&  Sunday August 3 10 AM-5 PM

Sunriver Art Faire Friday August 8 10 AM-7 PM, Saturday August 9 10 AM- 7 PM,                           &  Sunday August 10 10AM-4PM

Silverton Fine Arts Festival Saturday August 16 10AM-7PM & Sunday August 17 10 AM-5PM

Stop by and visit, better yet, stop buy and fall in love with art!