Saved the best for last

Silverton’s art festival was this past weekend and was the best of the whole run.  The weather was perfect, not too hot, I was in filtered sunlight, perfect for my glass, and the fellow artists and patrons were great.  The fair treated the artists well (salmon for lunch!!), music was fun, and it was the most successful for me.

So, what have I learned from this crazy, fun, exhausting, exhilarating summer?

* All venues are different: weather, patrons, fellow artists

* One day shows are a lot harder than 2-3 day shows since set-up and break-down/packing up are VERY hard with heavy glass.

*Artists who do this for a living work VERY hard for uncertain income.  I met some who normally do Farmers/Artist markets every weekend 6-12 months of the year, when they are not in art fairs, traveling MANY miles from home.  I am glad I do not have to do that.

*I am making my art because I love it, and want to make sure I continue that focus.  When I try to make pieces because I need a certain inventory for a sale, my art suffers.  I need to remain focused on the art.

*My Toyota Corolla still can carry all my stuff, thanks to my upgrade of a roof rack, that makes a loud whistling noise when I get above 30 miles per hour.  The straps I use to hold the items on the rack, go through the inside of the car and hit my head when I drive.  Keeps me awake.


*People seem to be drawn to my art.  That makes me happy more than anything.  Guys ask how I make the pieces, very interested in the process.  People love to touch the glass, I have been making more textured pieces this season.

The conclusion of all this work is, I love creating glass art.  I do not need to participate in as many shows next year.  People like what I do.  Nothing better than that.

I will have my art next at

Local 14 Show – Oct 2-5, 2014 at The Forestry Center in Portland



There is Sunshine in Sunriver

It is a beautiful day at the Sunriver Art Faire.
I sit in my booth, surrounded by artists whose livelihood depends upon their sales. Driving thousands of miles, they travel like gypsies with their art. Many seem to be making sales today, I am making a few.
It is all about perspective
A woman comes to my booth on Saturday, for a piece she had seen Friday and “had to return to buy it”.
Another woman had purchased a piece from me two years ago, at this show, and wanted to show me a picture of where she had placed the piece in her home.
A third woman smiled as she described giving a piece to her daughter as a gift. “It is such a beautiful piece”.
I chose to participate in art sales that have been six weekends in a row (1 more to go). I have done it to experience, evaluate and learn. I am accomplishing all three. With this knowledge, I will decide what to continue to do and what to change.
Meanwhile, there are many people here, with families and dogs, enjoying the art and the day. There is great live music and I am content.